About Us

Without question, the internet and all that it encapsulates, is revolutionising the music industry. With the exponential growth in usage of social networks, today, A&R men and other traditional industry insiders are being bypassed, as Artists are connecting more closely with fans and indeed other Artists. Our research has shown that an efficient website, a comprehensive social networking strategy, a realistic and affordable budget alongside some late nights, belief and dedication, can produce quite amazing results.

Neo Music was born out of the chance meeting of Alan West & Kirstin Reynolds. It became very clear, very quickly, that although their backgrounds were very different they both shared a huge passion for good music and had spookily similar musical ideals; Quality, honesty, simplicity and soul!!

To date, here at NEO HQ, we have established a state of the art project studio with full time engineer where we are currently working with two Artists on producing and promoting their next albums. It is still early days and we have a bucketful of plans for the future. If you would like to talk to us about how we can help you, and be a part of that future, you can contact us

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“In the 25 years that Alan West has been in this industry there have been many highs and of course some lows. It is fair to say however, that throughout this time he has remained true to his belief and love for the music he plays. He has an uncanny knack of finding great songs to perform/record, and his attention to detail in the studio and on the stage ultimately enables those songs and their performers to shine. Blessed with a voice that has moved people the world over, he also possesses a rock solid belief that, talent aside, simplicity and soul are the essential ingredients in all that he does. I could write a list here of his achievements, the awards, the people he has worked with but that’s not who Alan is. In my humble opinion he has nothing to prove. He believes in the organic, the gentle unfolding of like minds and people who can do things he can’t and do them well. It may have taken 25 years but the point has been reached where along with others he can use his vast talent and skills in this new, exciting and progressive project that is NEO Music." - Steve Black
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“It’s always exciting meeting new people that like your music. It’s even more exciting if they take an active part in your career and help you! The icing on the cake is if they help you achieve your personal goals in a professional no nonsense way that you can trust and believe in and that help is given from an understanding and passion for the music. Meet Kirstin Reynolds! She’s all of that and probably more!.” – Steve Black